Demo Reel
Johnny Bravo Rig 
- Rigged by me as a showcase for various rigging techniques I implement
- Modeled by Brent Pedersen
Elbow Pin
- Snaps and locks the elbow onto the position of the pole vector
- Shoulder and elbow joints are scaled in order to equal the measured distances of:
      Shoulder - Pole Vector, Pole Vector - Wrist
- Allows the elbows to stay still easeir while animating and IK arm, Ex. Arm Wrestling
Toggle No Flip Knee / Pole Vector
- Main IK handle can toggle Pole Vector XYZ and Twist input from a traditional IK setup w/ pole vector
     constraint or a no flip knee setup. PV XYZ (0, 0, 1) Twist (90)
- Plus Minus Average Node used for allowing manual Knee Twist on the foot controller in no flip mode
Stretchy Leg
- Distance tool, locators constrained to hip joint and leg IK Handle
- Multiply divide node finds the ratio of new distance / original distance to scale the hip and knee joints
- Joints in-between hip and knee (hipA, hipB, kneeA, kneeB) are point constrained to the hip, knee, and
    ankle guide joints which are scaling
IK/FK Spine
- Advanced Twist controls enabled
- World Up Type is Objection Rotation Up (Start/End)  between hip_ctrl and chest_ctrl
- Spine curve weighted to pelvis and chest joint
- Translation and rotation possible on both hip_ctrl and chest_ctrl
- spineFK joint chain constrains the chest_ctrl's offset node for optional FK spine controls
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Johnny Bravo Rig
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Copyright (C) 2012 Adrian Rodriguez. All Rights Reserved
Adrian Rodriguez
Character Technical Artist / Rigger