Demo Reel
The Order: 1886 Cinematic
- As part of a contingent workforce through Zoic Studios 
- Helped finish this E3 2013 announcement trailer for a PS4 title
Breakdown of contributions
0:47 - 0:50
- Adjusted existing curtain rig so the character can pull it back from the center, weighted this area of the mesh
0:51 - 0:58
- Civilians were setup by me, meshes swapped onto pre-existing rigs
- Only one version of the male was weighted by me, the other civilians had weights copied over and/or adjusted
- Rigged and weighted the reins for carriages in this scene only
- Rigged and weighted all the boats in the river
1:08 - 1:17
- Rigged and weighted the horse harness for the main carriage, does not include the connected reins held by the coachman
- Setup is mostly driven by the horse and carriage animations, allowing the animators minimal but effective contollers to animate with
- Rigged and weighted the gate barricade which opens and closes for the carriage to pass through
2:26 - 2:49
- Setup and weighted creatures, meshes swapped onto pre-existing rigs
Ragdoll Simulation
Copyright (C) 2012 Adrian Rodriguez. All Rights Reserved
Adrian Rodriguez
Character Technical Artist / Rigger